Tips and Tricks

This page is dedicated to tips, tricks and advice about passing for male. Its an accumulation of all that I have learned on my journey so far and will be kept updated as I progress further.

For me, passing isn’t just about being seen and treated as a guy by society, it makes me feel better about my body too, a little bit more like who I really am.

So here’s a list to get started. I will just add to it over time. Please feel free to share any of your tips here too, you can send them to me and I’ll post them with a link to your site or you can just add them in comments section.

1. Get a hair cut.

Yes some guys have long hair. In all honesty though, if you are biologically female and you want to pass for being male, you need a mans haircut. You will have too many other female features going on to carry off long hair. If you are already identifying as male it is likely you will have short hair anyway but it really is the first step. Short hair makes life so much easier anyway!

2. Wardrobe.

I cannot stress how important this bit is. The clothes you wear will alter how people perceive you. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes or anything but you need to wear what you like and what you look good in. Clothes can help alter your body shape and ultimately your silhouette. This is important because peoples brains are programmed to put you in either a female box or a male box when they see you. In a split second and completely unconsciously we all do this and which box you go in is based on your silhouette. If they can’t place you in a box, this is when they become aware of whats happening and start looking closer for gender markers such as stubble, breasts, hips, bulge etc. If their brain puts you in a box straight away they won’t bother looking that closely. You can test this yourself, if you look out over a group of people, even if they are quite far away, just in the street or somewhere, you can tell if they are male or female purely from the shape they are. So wearing the right clothes will help you have a male shape which is more square and straight than a females. Be careful not to just end up wearing clothes that are too big or baggy in an attempt to achieve this, you should stick to your size just choose the right clothes. If you don’t feel comfortable using the changing rooms, take them home, try them on and just return what you don’t want. You will only have to do this a couple of times before you know what sizes and styles suit you best.  I’m not going to give fashion advice because I think you should wear what you like but generally I would avoid skinny jeans or jeans that hug your hips/thighs too much and obviously stick to the mens section.

3. Bind

Bind your chest safely. Having a flat chest is what we all want in the end but in the mean time binding will help you achieve that look and look and feel better. I can’t leave the house without a binder on because my dysphoria is so bad, I think most transguys are the same. When I get dressed in the morning, I don’t just put my clothes on, I put my body on, that’s how I think of it. Binder, packer, clothes, hair, they all add up to make me feel more like my body is mine. Do not use bandages to bind, It is dangerous, you can restrict your breathing and movement, bruise and end up damaging your tissue so much that you may not be able to get that top surgery when that day comes around. Buy an actual binder, you can get them online, they’re delivered discreetly, they are not that expensive. Save up if you have to and just wear layers in the meantime or two sports bras. Underworks binders are fantastic but there are others out there. You can get underworks on Amazon or through numerous websites, just Google it.

To be continued…

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