Whats in a name?

So I officially changed my name by deed poll. But not to Lee. I wasn’t really comfortable with the name Lee, I think it was too close to my birth name and people weren’t getting it right, like it was too similar and they didn’t have to make the effort. So I decided I need a new name, its harder than you’d think to name yourself. I scrolled through endless lists of boys names, I asked what I would have been called if I were a boy at birth (Tom or Joe – both fine names but I don’t feel like a Tom or a Joe), I asked some friends and a couple of them said Harry, one said it could be short for Harrison and as soon as he said it I knew that was my name. I feel like a Harrison. And I like Harry for short. Everyone’s been trying a lot harder to get my name right now too which is cool. I was a little worried about changing my name again from Lee  but as I hadn’t made it official yet I knew I had to get it right and my friends said not to worry about other people, its my name and I have to be happy with it. Good friends I got there. They gave me the courage to choose the right name and I am thankful for them. I love my name now, I kept Lee as a middle name. So its Harrison Lee Lewis. That’s me.

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