Telling Dad.

So tonight I decided, out of the blue, to tell my dad that I’m transgender and I’m going to be a man. Those were the words I used to tell him. I never really see him so I decided to just phone him and tell him. I was worried that he wouldn’t take it well but at the same time I knew he’s cool and loves me and wants me to be happy. I made a video, before and after, recording my thoughts about it.

So he was cool, after all my worrying, and he moved quickly on to asking me how my wife is and how the house is and didn’t seem to be too phased at all. He said “you’re still my daughter, well, son, and if thats what you’ve got to do to be happy then that’s what you’ve got to do.” How amazing is that!

I feel so much better having told him, I didn’t realize how much it was on my mind but I feel lighter now. He is a good man, I hope to be as good a man as he is.

Love you Dad.


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