So yesterday I had my first appointment with a psychiatrist. I had been referred to him by my GP, it took a few weeks to get the appointment and then another six weeks or so until I actually had it.

It was a bit strange if I’m honest, the psychiatrist was more anxious than I was I think, he wasn’t sure about what words to use and it seemed he felt a bit awkward asking certain more personal questions. He also used the term ‘real life experience’ which is a little out of date, its called ‘social gender role transition’ now. And he cut me off from my answers a few times which was a bit annoying.

He asked me a lot of questions! Questions such as where I work, where are my parents, are my family supportive, am I in a relationship, where do I live, do I do drugs, do I drink, how much do I drink and how regularly, what was my childhood like, did I develop normally e.g learning to talk, walk, use the toilet etc, was I bullied, were my friends more boys or girls, what grades I got in school, where I used to work, have I always felt like a boy, was puberty difficult, am I on benefits, what changes have I made since I decided I was transgender, what gender are my friends now, was there any history of depression in my family, are any of my family transgender, do I know anyone else personally who is transgender, what kind of treatment do I want in the future and so on. Some were a bit vague and I wasn’t sure what he meant like when he asked if I had had any unusual experiences that other people hadn’t?! I had to ask what he meant and he said things like hearing voices or seeing things! I was thinking more along the lines of had I been skydiving or to the moon. Anyway I know these are all kind of generic questions they have to ask everybody just in case but it was hard to see what relevance how many bedrooms my house has is to my being transgender.

Well I answered all his questions to his satisfaction I think and he said that I seem to be in control and understand what I’m doing and it was obvious I’ve done some research into it. So I have to go back at the end of January so he can see that I’m stable and haven’t changed my mind and then I should get my referral to the gender clinic.

I’m glad its out of the way now, I was so scared about it so at least I know now that I’m on the right path and that I should be able to get the treatment I need and want.

One step closer, feels like some progress!


P.S My video blog about it is here. Also I’ve started working on my page about passing which is here.

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